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I was so tired with all the insults these couples said to each other. Everyone is talking and nobody is listening which left me wondering why have a part 3. The story is dragging on and on for what I don't know. I am only reading this because I read part 1 because of the Keyshia and Cashmere Series and it was put together nicely. But part 2 the miscommunication is all over the place. Jux not knowing that Lani kept the baby at the end, but everyone knew that she was pregnant. Harmony not telling Louie that she was rape by Q. Yay not letting Rique know have she really feels. Too much fillers as they say. Get to the point. I actually was more into the introduction of the other story at the end. Which usually makes me angry when author does that.
  Amy Simmonds

I am 6'1" 185 lbs and the XL was a little large, but nothing to complain about. The material is made of the same material that the cool-fit golf shirts are made of and works great.
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The fans have been asking for these "unreleased" tracks for a very long time! I wish they would have included the original LOVE IS WAR. Although the sound and tempo are way better in the newer track, the lyrics were slightly different -- "write it in blood just to even the score... It's the way of the world... Baby, love is war..."
Now all we gotta do is convince the radio stations to play these new (relic) gems!

  Eden Briand

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